Bug Flies Into Reporter's Mouth Video


bug flies in reporters mouth

Three Vice News reporters were charged Monday with "working on behalf of a terrorist organization" in Turkey. A local news reporter freaks out NSFW-style when a bug flies into his mouth. Peggy. Helmet saves scooter rider's life after being run over by truck in China's Ningbo. Jun 12,  · Bug Flies into Reporter's Mouth. A local news reporter freaks out NSFW-style when a bug flies into his mouth. Posted on June 12, , GMT Peggy Wang. BuzzFeed Staff Share On.

LMFAO: Bug Flies In A Reporters Mouth (Brings Out The Hood In Him!) [1 Month Old] | Video

Delivered by FeedBurner. By Debbie Schlussel So, liberal reporter, Isiah Carey, shows his true self when a bug flies into his mouth, live on the air.

BTW, ghetto is a Jewish word. My, what a charming example of urban decorum and class. Al or Jesse, and whatever other media you consume into thinking that Black folks think and talk about White people all the time….

In between gas prices, the economy, aging parents, corporate layoffs, bug flies in reporters mouth issues, raising kids, and life in general, talking about and mocking White folks is way down on the list of priorities for most Black folks. However, the chosen few who love to run their mouth always seem to be the media darlings though… I also think this particular reporter is highly skilled in that he is able to change dialects very quickly. If he wanted to use his street vernacular while hanging out with some other dudes at the local bar, bug flies in reporters mouth, I have no problem with that.

People do what they have to do and speak how they have to speak to have a roof over their heads and food on the table, plain and simple. That clip is hilarious though….!!! The video was just funny, no need for you to get nasty about stuff.

Pure fiction, bug flies in reporters mouth, based on all my personal experiences. By the swearing? Italian originally and refers to the Jews. And does that infer that conservatives all DO like the countryside and the taste of bugs?

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Black Reporter Gets Bug In His Mouth - Kesho Wazo


bug flies in reporters mouth


A little old country bug gives a reporter a surprise in his mouth. Dec 29,  · Top 10 Most Ghetto News Clips Of The Decade This newscaster turns from proper newsman to angry “ghetto” newsman after a bug flies in his mouth. He told reporters . A bug flies into news reporter's mouth must watch What the fck is that Reporter passes breaking point in hick town funny video, bug flies into reporters mouth watch it nowwwwwww.